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What our clients say...

On our first conversation with the Faulkner team, we knew immediately that Faulkner International was the perfect fit for us. The service is professional and thorough - an incredibly low-stress solution to offshore company formation and the resolution of all our international tax questions (of which there were many). Highly recommended.


International Tax Advice

Our commitment is to save you money through legal and robust tax solutions


In the last year we have successfully:

  • Reduced clients international personal and corporate taxes by on average 58%.
  • Deferred taxes paid on international corporate dividends by on average 49%.
  • Reduced management costs on international structures by on average 77%.
  • Established international corporate and trust structures that actually work.
  • Informed and educated our clients on all aspects of International Tax planning including how to access the actual and real financial benefits.

... at the same time as ensuring all our clients are comprehensively aware of their tax positions both locally and internationally.


International Tax Planning. An initial consultation is free. Call +44(0)207 368 3445

Offshore Company Structures

Financial District London

Faulkner International offers guidance and advice in international tax structuring, tax management and offshore tax planning.

We offer bespoke domestic and international strategies designed to
  • Legally reduce or eliminate taxes.
  • Minimise the taxable gain from the operation of an international business.
  • Mitigate income from UK and/or international real estate.
  • Reduce corporate or personal income taxes.
  • Minimize tax on income from international or domestic investment portfolios.
  • Robustly reduce corporate or personal global income taxes.
  • Maximise tax advantaged retirement arrangements.

Key Facts About International Tax Planning

  • The HMRC and IRS require those completing tax returns to declare Shareholdings and Directorships in onshore (Ltd, Corp or LLC) or offshore companies, but most people are unaware that there is also a requirement to declare beneficial ownership or interest.
  • If you have tax haven companies to mitigate your tax liabilities, you may become liable if beneficial interests are not declared and are discovered before being protected.
  • A simple trust structure can protect certain assets against a substantial inheritance tax liability.
  • Inheritance tax can be avoided by structuring existing investments into a trust recognised by worldwide tax systems.
  • Offshore structuring may not negate liability to tax but it puts you in control of when, where and if you pay it.
  • Transferring existing assets into a trust does not necessarily require the sale of those assets and therefore there is no taxable event generating tax liability on gains.
  • Faulkner International can answer your questions so you can make an informed decision about your future tax obligations!
  • Faulkner International helps private clients reside, set up and manage their businesses worldwide, whether in Europe, USA, Africa, Asia, Scandinavia, Australasia or South America.
  • Faulkner International can act as an international coordinator, making sure you are respecting the laws of your host country but ensuring a long and prosperous future for your interests.


Are you looking for international tax advice?

We will...

  • Look at your current situation and evaluate the best solution for you.
  • Advise you of your liability and identify a structure to minimise your future tax obligations.
  • Advise you of any potential tax exemptions or entitlements if you're intending to relocate or have recently relocated to another country.

Faulkner International offer a wide range of personal and corporate tax efficient solutions including:

Structured Tax Mitigation

We can efficiently and precisely set out a strategy to manage your ongoing liability both locally and internationally, taking into account the bigger picture.

Our multinational experience is brought to bear in a practical and effective way to solve the problems and burdens of complex international tax rules and regulations.

In short, we have the knowledge and expertise to solve your international multi-jurisdictional tax issues in a quick, cost effective, straight forward and matter-of-fact way.

We also provide up to date, independent and impartial advice on the need and cost effectiveness of Offshore Company formations, Offshore structuring, Offshore trusts and the most effective jurisdiction to use for your needs.

More International Tax Planning Services and Corporate International Tax Mitigation Solutions



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