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What our clients say...

On our first conversation with the Faulkner team, we knew immediately that Faulkner International was the perfect fit for us. The service is professional and thorough - an incredibly low-stress solution to offshore company formation and the resolution of all our international tax questions (of which there were many). Highly recommended.


International Tax Solutions - Personal

The Moral Question...

  • Ann Robinson
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  • Members of Take That

Are not our clients and we have never given them tax planning advice.


  • Do you consider legal tax planning as immoral?
  • Do you consider reducing your tax liability as wrong?
  • Would you pay more taxes if you could?

If you answer NO to any or all of the above, we can help.


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Faulkner International offer a range of services to form a comprehensive portfolio of International Tax Solutions suitable for your individual offshore tax planning needs.

Relocation on an international posting

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The issues to be faced when relocating overseas on an international posting can be numerous and complex and a clear understanding of your complete tax obligations is essential.

We can help.

We have complete and current knowledge of all international tax laws and rules.

Faulkner International will be able to assist in smoothing the transition by preparing a comprehensive evaluation of your present and future tax obligations.

Providing you with guidance on what needs to be done before departure and after arrival in your international posting.

So being forewarned is being forearmed with a Faulkner International guide providing you with the complete tax picture both domestically and internationally.

Returning to the UK

Have you been working overseas and are planning on returning to the UK and need to deal with your international tax affairs as well as being aware and prepared for your tax obligations in the UK?

We can help.

Inheriting Internationally

Probate in one country can be complex enough but if you have inherited international assets or have relatives living internationally who wish to gift part or all of their estate to you whilst you are living in another country...

We can help.

Our range of personal international tax solutions


Personal International Tax Solutions

Faulkner International offer a wide range of corporate international tax solutions including:

International Tax Advice

Faulkner International offers guidance and advice in international tax structuring tax management and offshore tax planning solutions that offer legal and compliant creative solutions to mitigate tax liabilities in all international location.

With extensive experience of US tax compliant schemes to maximise non resident tax entitlements whilst outside the US.

Offshore Trusts

Faulkner International has an extensive and comprehensive insight into the various trusts available on and offshore, including discretionary, non-discretionary, revocable, grantor, family retained interest will and protection trusts.

Comprehensive Offshore Company Formation

Faulkner International provide comprehensive advice and guidance, firstly on the purpose and need to establish an offshore company and if appropriate then the best location and the most effective and cost efficient structure to use dependent on our client's tax status, nationality and current or intended residency.

Offshore Payment Collection

Personal International Tax Solutions

Private clients wishing to live, work or own properties in Western, Central or Eastern Europe, South America, South East Asia, Africa or Australasia often ask the same questions:

  • What is the best way to structure our assets for these countries?
  • How do we manage the rental income on our UK property?
  • How do we notify HMRC that we are working abroad?
  • We need help to file our basic statutory tax returns. Do you offer this service?
  • What is wealth tax all about? Do we need to file a return?
  • Should we be aware of any other taxes?
  • What happens to our foreign income?
  • How do we become resident of these countries?
  • Bureaucracy in some countries can be a little bewildering. Can you help?
  • How can we set up a business in these countries, in accordance with the regulations, but not paying anything we do not have to?

Our skills, experience and time tested methods will save you money.

  • Faulkner International can act as your tax representative.
  • Faulkner International helps private clients reside set up and manage their international businesses.
  • Faulkner International act as an international co-ordinator, making sure you are respecting the law of these countries whilst ensuring a long and prosperous future for your interests.
  • Faulkner International have built long term and mutually beneficial working partnerships with our professional introducers, which we hope you will agree is the foundation for sound business.
  • Faulkner International can be and often are a "Home from Home" base, there to provide a permanent reference centre, which is both necessary and reassuring.



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